“Get the Most Reliable Crane Hire with a Liebherr MK 73-3.1 –”


“Introducing Two 6-Tonne Liebherr MK 73-3.1 Cranes: Get to Know Ireland’s Crane Hire”

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Crane Hire Ireland is proud to introduce two of the latest additions to their fleet: the six-tonne Liebherr MK 73-3.1 mobile self-erecting tower cranes. Taking delivery of these top-of-the-line cranes during an operator training course at Liebherr’s Biberach facility, Crane Hire now boasts an impressive lineup of cranes, ranging from All-Terrain cranes up to 800 tonnes, Rough Terrain cranes to 100 tonnes, a city crane, spider crane, and the new Self-erecting mobiles.

What Do the Liebherr MK 73-3.1 Cranes Offer?
The powerful MK 73-3.1 can handle up to six tonnes at a radius of 12 metres, though its maximum radius increases to 38.5 metres, with a jib tip capacity of two tonnes at a height of 26.5 metres. When jib is luffed to a 45o angle above horizontal, the crane can reach a hook height of 51 metres, anchored by an impressive 1,850 kg capacity at a radius of 26.5 metres. Its carrier needs only HVO fuel to run, while its superstructure can be either plugged in at a main AC outlet or powered up with an onboard generator.

Crane Hire in Ireland
Crane Hire has been providing top-tier rental services in Ireland since 1967, operating out of offices in Dublin and Cork. With the addition of the two Liebherr MK 73-3.1 Cranes to the existing MK 140, crane owners in the region can now count on the utmost in safety and quality for their projects.